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Scott and jess

It all began with a love for beer that I had developed at an early age. It led me down the path of trying any beer that I could get my hands on, from crappy domestic beer to German and then Canadian beer. Always going back to German beers, especially wheat beers. This was around the time that Samuel Adams was starting to get popular and hearing the story of Jim Cook (founder of Samuel Adams) I started to think about opening a brewery and how cool that would be.


After a few years of wishful thinking and drinking many different beers, my love of beer eventually took me down the road of home brewing which started out with a few disasters. After those first attempts, I quickly got the hang of it and started making some really good beer. This leads me to go all in and buy conical fermenters with temperature controls. A couple of thousand dollars later, I began to brew some darn good beer. When I gave samples to people to try they really enjoyed the beer and wanted to buy some. This is when I started to seriously think about opening my own brewery.


When I decided to open a brewery it took over 3 years of finding the right location, then having to find another location, then waiting for the space we wanted to be built out. But after all of the struggles and a shit load of crap, we finally opened our brewery...

Maryland Beer Company.

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